Using recognized public entity experts such as actuaries, auditors and reinsurance professionals, The Pool has achieved recognition as a financially sound, well managed organization.
Since 1979, we have continued to accomplish our mission while remaining financially stable and fiscally sound. We have a reputation across the State of Tennessee as an organization of high financial integrity.
Our Finance Department's objective is to safeguard the Pool's assets and to manage it financial affairs through proper internal controls and processes to ensure the integrity and accuracy of financial operations and reporting. With a professional management team that includes three CPAs on staff, we also engage outside financial industry experts, such as actuaries and auditors, on a regular basis.
As a not-for-profit corporation formed pursuant to state statute, we are subject to regulation and oversight by both the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. We have always taken financial transparency and accountability to our membership and the public very seriously.

Audited Financial Statements
2009 Financial Audit Fiscal Year End 6-30-2009
2010 Financial Audit Fiscal Year End 6-30-2010
2011 Financial Audit Fiscal Year End 6-30-2011
2012 Financial Audit Fiscal Year End 6-30-2012
2013 Financial Audit Fiscal Year End 6-30-2013
2014 Financial Audit Fiscal Year End 6-30-2014
2015 Financial Audit Fiscal Year End 6-30-2015
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